Get local phone numbers from 35 countries for international call forwarding

OneSuite International Call Forwarding – International Number

Always be reached like a neighbor, by the ones you care. From $3.95/month!

Go toUS/Canada Local Forwarding Number, or US/Canada Toll-Free Forwarding Number

Business Benefits


Establish international business presence in minutes!

Get a China local phone number, or a local phone number from any of 35+ countries so you can establish your local business presence virtually. Convenient your overseas contacts to call you at local rates!

extend business hours

Extend business hours without extra headcount!

Forward your calls to any phone, anywhere in the world, so you can pick up business calls on the go, at any time.


instant global mobility

Instant global mobility!

Change forwarding destination online instantly, to any phone in any forwarding destination in the world, to pick up calls to your US or Canada forwarding number.

SME budget friendly

Tailored for SME budgets

Cost-effective forwarding number solution tailored for small-to-medium enterprises: rates are as low as 4.3¢/min, pay-as-you-go after opening account, no contracts, and the flexibility to purchase additional numbers to grow with you.


Always be reached locally

Always be reached

Moved from your home country or starting a new business location abroad? You can still be reached like a neighbor with a OneSuite international number from your home country.

Overseas phone numbers from 35 countries

International numbers from 35+ countries

China, Hong Kong &Taiwan phone numbers available for instant subscription in your account.

OneSuite international numbers available for the following countries:

Austria Finland Malta Singapore
Belgium France Mexico Slovakia
Brazil Germany Netherlands South Africa
Bulgaria Greece Norway Spain
China Hong Kong Panama Sweden
Czech Republic Hungary Peru Switzerland
Denmark Irenland Poland Taiwan
Dominican Republic Italy Portugal United Kingdom
El Salvador Lithuania Puerto Rico Zimbabwe
Estonia Luxembourg Romania  
Change destination instantly

Change destination online instantly

Change forwarding destination instantly in your online account, so you can pick up calls anywhere on any type of phone.

Forward calls worldwide

Forward calls worldwide

No matter where you are in the world, or what type of phone you are using, your OneSuite international number can always forward calls to you, so you never miss a message.

Stay connected with families abroad

Stay in touch with family abroad

Moved to North America and still want your family & friends to reach you as if you’ve never left? Get an international number so they can still call you at their local rates.

Establish virtual offices abroad

Establish an office overseas

If you’re in the US or Canada, get a local number from any of the above countries to gain local market reach, without the expense of setting up an office.

Get free voicemail

Get free voicemail

Pair up with SuiteAdvantage VoIP, so you can get free voicemail to email, and conveniently check your messages in 4 different ways.

Additional forwarding number

Get an additional number

Moving or expanding business locations? Up to 10 additional forwarding numbers available for subscription per account.


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