Cheap international calls from any phone, anywhere!

Cheap international calls from any phone, anywhere!

Why You'll Love OneSuite Hybrid Long Distance

  1. 2 for the price of 1: make quality international calls, with or without internet
  2. Low, low international rates
  3. Convenient direct dialing: NO PINs + speed dial
  4. One-touch smartphone apps, with or without Wi-Fi
  5. Works on any phone, anywhere
  6. Transparent billing, NO contracts, NO monthly fees, NO hidden charges!
  7. OneSuite Callback to make calls from anywhere to anywhere in the world

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Sample of Our Great Prepaid Long Distance Rates (USD)

Fax from Worldwide, or Call from Continental U.S and Hawaii per minute rates.

Australia as low as 1.8¢ France as low as 2.0¢ Mexico as low as 2.0¢ Spain as low as 2.0¢
Brazil 1.8¢ Germany 3.2¢ Pakistan 6.5¢ United States 2.5¢
Canada 1.9¢ India as low as 2.0¢ Philippines as low as 10.9¢ United Kingdom 2.0¢
China 2.2¢ Japan 2.2¢ South Korea 2.0¢ Vietnam as low as 4.8¢

Call African countries from  •  Call Caribbean Islands from 2.4¢  •  Call Pacific Islands from 2.5¢

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