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Using an IP phone

Freedom to BYOD!
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OneSuite SuiteAdvantage $2.95 per month

A powerful phone service to make cheap calls and receive unlimited calls using our free smartphone app, free computer softphone, or BYOD!
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Why You'll Love SuiteAdvantage VoIP

  1. Enjoy super low calling rates
  2. Make free calls to other SuiteAdvantage users
  3. Enjoy free powerful calling features:  voice message broadcast, caller ID, call waiting, free voicemail and incoming calls, & more
  4. Make cheap international calls even without internet access or during power outage, with our default Hybrid Long Distance
  5. Get an additional line for your home or office, cheap and easy
  6. No hidden fees: No setup fees! No contracts!

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Sample of Our Great Prepaid VoIP Rates

VoIP calls from Worldwide Internet. Per minute rates

Australia as low as2.0¢France as low as2.6¢Mexico 
2.5¢Spain as low as6.1¢
Brazil as low as1.8¢Germany
3.5¢Pakistan as low as6.5¢United States2.5¢
2.9¢Philippines as low as13.6¢United Kingdom as low as2.5¢
China4.0¢Japan2.2¢South Korea as low as2.0¢Vietnam as low as7.7¢

Call African countries from 10¢  •  Call Caribbean Islands from 2.4¢  •  Call Pacific Islands from

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