Wherever you call from, OneSuite is there.

Go hybrid: make cheap long distance international calls with or without internet. Got a smartphone? Download our free app!

Cheapest way to call

  • From: U.S., Canada
  • Using: Any phone. If your phone has national coverage, any local access number will work!
Local Access

Can’t find a local access number?

  • From: U.S./Canada
  • Using: Any phone
Toll-Free Access

Avid onliner or traveler

  • From: Anywhere in the world, no access numbers, no PINs
  • Using: OneSuite’s free  computer softphone
  • Using: Free OneSuite App for iPhone/ iPad/ Android using Wi-Fi / 3G / 4G
Internet/Wi-Fi Access

How to make calls using OneSuite Access Numbers:

Go PINless by registering your phone in your account. (How do I register my phone?)

  1. Dial your access number.

    Local  Local access or   Toll-Free  toll-free access  
  2. Follow the voice prompt and enter your destination number.
    Just enter the 2-digit destination code when you have RapiDial set up. (What is RapiDial?)

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*Registering phones outside of U.S. and Canada with ZipDial may take an extra step to ensure the accuracy of international dialing standards. Please see the FAQ for instruction.