Smart dashboard to easily manage telecom expenses for $2.95 a month

OneSuite Business – Multiple Account Management

Smart dashboard to easily manage telecom expenses – $2.95/mo


A time- & cost-effective management tool

A time- & cost-effective management tool

The quick-glance dashboard in the OneSuite Business master account lets you easily control spending, monitor usage, create and manage sub-accounts & more!

Immediate Set Up

Immediate set up

Create up to 999 sub-accounts for employees  using the administrator’s easy web tool. Each sub-account may enjoy OneSuite's hybrid international calling card, or subscribe to internet fax, international call forwarding, or VoIP phone service.

Manage Account Balance

Manage account balance

With balance transferring functions available only to the master admin account, you can save money over traditional business phone cards & long distance calling plans by controlling and monitoring each user’s allowable usage budget as appropriate.

Run Reports Track Activity

Run reports, track activity

Easily manage sub-accounts by getting customized daily, weekly or monthly reports on sub-accounts’ transaction history, usage history, balance and more via email.

Delegate control

Delegate control

You save time on management & administration when you give employees & business associates the ability to manage their accounts, customize features and the option to subscribe to all OneSuite services.

Full Features

Sub-accounts enjoy OneSuite’s full features

Besides recharging, sub-accounts enjoy all the features and functions of a regular OneSuite account, and can subscribe to any OneSuite service in their account to save on telecom costs: Internet Fax, SuiteAdvantage VoIP, or Global Call Forwarding.

Worldwide usage

Worldwide usage

Your business long-distance solution when traveling abroad or working overseas. Get instant online usage records so you're always updated on sub-account activity. Master accounts can transfer balance online anywhere, and sub-accounts can make calls, send and receive faxes worldwide.

Get Started with $30 in OneSuite account credit & immediately make international hybrid calls. Your account is your one-stop shop to internet faxing, VoIP and international call forwarding subscription services!
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