FAQ - OneSuite Callback - General

What is OneSuite Callback?

OneSuite Callback is a free add-on feature to your OneSuite account which allows you to make cheap international calls from any country where access numbers are unavailable, or where internet connectivity is insufficient to make a VoIP call. The user may trigger a callback via web, from your OneSuite “My Account” or OneSuite smartphone app. Once successfully triggered, our system will automatically call you in a few minutes on your landline or cell phone, and then connect you to any number you wish to reach.

How does OneSuite Callback work?

With OneSuite Callback, you can make domestic or international calls with our cheap rates as always - FROM anywhere, TO anywhere.

  1. There are 2 ways to trigger a Callback:
    • Log in to your OneSuite Account and click on Callback under Long Distance.
    • Download and install OneSuite App on your smartphone or tablet. After successfully logged in, tap the callback menu.
  2. Make sure your OneSuite account is still active with a sufficient balance of at least $2.00.
  3. Enter the number where you wish to receive system callback; and the destination number you wish to call. (OneSuite app is integrated with your phone or tablet’s contact list.)
  4. Our system will automatically call you in a few minutes, and then connect you to the destination.
Can I use OneSuite Callback to call any countries in the world?

Yes. OneSuite Callback allows you to reach any phone number worldwide. You may even use your RapiDial Phonebook codes as one of the call back numbers for fast and easy Callback requests!

Do I need a smartphone to trigger a Callback?

Not necessary. You also have the option to trigger a Callback by logging in to your OneSuite account and visit the Callback page under Long Distance.

Can I use OneSuite Callback from abroad?

Yes. OneSuite Callback is especially handy when you are traveling outside of North America trying to make high quality international calls even with weak Internet or Wi-Fi connection.