FAQ - OneSuite Callback - Billing & Payment

Is there monthly subscription fee for OneSuite Callback?

No. OneSuite Callback is a free add-on feature for all OneSuite users. No subscription required.

What is the rate for Callback calls?

You can check the rates on our rates page.

How will my Callback calls appear in my call history?

Two call duration charges will be applied on your call history.

  • Call #1 will be our system call to your 'Call Me Back' number.
  • Call #2 will be our system call to your 'Party to Call' number.


Why is there a difference in duration of my 2 answered Callback calls?

There might be a slight difference due to your 'Call-Me-Back' number is connected before the 'Party-to-Call' connection is initiated, both call durations will not be equal in length.

Is it possible that I will only be billed for 1 call for a Callback attempt?

Yes, if the party you wish to reach did not answer the call.

Is it possible that I get billed for 2 calls for a failed Callback attempt?

Yes. When the receiving party does not answer and the call is answered by the voicemail system.

Will the local/wireless carrier charge me for using OneSuite Callback?

It depends. If you use Wi-Fi to trigger the Callback, and enter a callback number that has no inbound call charges, then there will be no additional charges from your wirelesss or local carrier.

Regular data charges may apply if using the OneSuite app over a cellular data network (2G/3G/4G), and regular airtime usage will be applied by your local cellular carrier for receiving inbound calls to your cell phone or the number you enter as "Call me back at" in your settings, depending on your service plan.