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How do I set up my voicemail box?

Simply dial *0 on your Softphone then follow the voice prompts to record your name and greetings. Then press 5 to change your mailbox settings. Be sure to set up your mailbox password. Or else, your will not be able to access your voicemails from landlines. Use “#” after each entry to move on to the next menu.

How do I access my voicemail?

There are five ways to retrieve your voicemail:

  1. Log in to your account and go to VoiceMail under SuiteAdvantage features page.
  2. Simply dial *0 on your OneSuite SoftPhone.
  3. Or, dial *0 on your OneSuite App
  4. Check via email.
  5. Or dial your SuiteAdvantage number from any phone to get your message. Wait for the voice prompt/greeting to finish then dial *, and enter the password required, even when your mail box is full. You can set up the password by dialing *0 in the SoftPhone.

Please refer to the rest of the SuiteAdvantage Voicemail FAQ section for more details.

When using a phone to access my SuiteAdvantage voicemail, how do I change the password for my voicemail?

You can change the password by dialing *0 on the SoftPhone and then press 5 to go into "Mailbox Administration." Then press 1 to change your password. A password can be any string of numbers of up to 20 digits.

What type of file format is my voicemail sent as?

Your voicemail is sent as a ".wav" file.

This should be able to be played in most Microsoft Windows operating system versions.

This should also be able to be played on Macs, using QuickTime player.

What is the maximum length of a voicemail message?

Each voicemail message may be up to 3 minutes (180 seconds) long.

For how long can I keep the messages in the system?

Your messages can stay in your voicemail as long as they are not deleted. However, if your voicemail box is full, you will not be able to receive any more voicemails.

How many messages can I store in my voicemail box?

Your voicemail box can hold 25 messages. This includes both new and saved messages combined.

How long will the phone ring before a call goes to voicemail?

The default setting is 20 seconds.

You can configure the time setting for the phone to ring before voicemail picks up by following the steps below:

  • Log in to your web account.
  • Go to SuiteAdvantage on the left side menu
  • Select Voicemail Settings
  • Under Enable/Disable Voicemail, select your ring length

Can I change the order of how my voicemail messages are displayed?

The time zone is standard PST.

How do I stop my calls from going to voicemail?

When voicemail is "Disabled", a call will ring until it is answered or when the caller hangs up. You can set up this feature by:

  • Logging in to your account
  • Go to SuiteAdvantage on the left side menu
  • Select Voicemail Settings
  • Under Enable/Disable Voicemail, select Disable

What happens if I cannot hear my voice messages online?

To hear your voice messages online, you need a media playback tool configured to play .WAV files, such as Media Player version 9 or lower, RealPlayer, WinAmp, QuickTime, Ultra Player, or Sonique. Many of these tools are free downloads.

Voicemail Menu
Voicemail Menu

*Note: Press "#" to confirm whenever you finish entering or recording.

What is a distribution group?

Similar to an email contact group, it is a list of mailboxes/phone numbers for sending or forwarding messages. You can create up to 100 distribution groups from the voicemail menu, or online in "my account". You may assign a two-digit distribution group numbers from "00" to "99," with each group containing up to 100 group members. Also, the phone numbers can be domestic numbers, other SuiteAdvantage numbers (1+ area code + phone number), or international numbers (011 + country code + city code + phone number).

How do I broadcast voice messages to multiple contacts’ phone numbers at once?
  • Log in to your account > SuiteAdvantage > Voicemail Setting;
  • Under Enable/Disable Voicemail, make sure your voicemail setting is enabled;
  • Under Manage Distribution Group, click on "Create New." Enter the group information, then add contacts to your group;
  • On your OneSuite SoftPhone, dial *0 to enter the voicemail menu;
  • Dial 2 to send a message;
  • Record your message, followed by “#”. When prompted to send the message, enter the distribution group number; the system will ask you to hold while processing your request.
  • DO NOT hang up when the music is playing, otherwise, the message might not get sent/forwarded to all recipients in the specified group.
  • When you hear "Your message has been successfully delivered with normal/urgent delivery", then your recorded message is delivered to group members. If the call is not picked up, the message will be delivered to their voicemail box if available.
How does "Record & Send Message" work?

You can record and send a message using the broadcast message feature to multiple contact’s phone number. If you wish to send a message to only one person, just create a distribution group with 1 contact.

What is "Auto-Carbon Copy"?

Once set up on your OneSuite SoftPhone, the system automatically sends a duplicate copy of any newly received message to a phone number or any SuiteAdvantage mailbox other than your own.

What is "Auto-Forward"?

Once enabled on your OneSuite SoftPhone, the system automatically forwards a newly received message to a phone number or any SuiteAdvantage mailbox other than your own. However, you will not retain a copy in your voice mail. This feature is usually enabled while you’re traveling domestically or overseas.

Can I manually forward messages?

Yes. You can manually forward your received messages from your OneSuite SoftPhone to a phone number, SuiteAdvantage mailbox, or distribution group of your choice. Also see How do I broadcast voice messages?

Do I get charged for sending/forwarding message from my OneSuite SoftPhone?

If you’re sending/forwarding the message to another SuiteAdvantage number, there won’t be any charges. For messages sent/forwarded to non-SuiteAdvantage numbers, our VoIP per-minute rates will apply. Please visit our Rates Page for details.

Each message sent or forwarded will be charged and recorded separately in your billing history. For example, if you send/forward a message to 5 numbers, there will be 5 call records on your billing history, unless any of the 5 numbers is a SuiteAdvantage number, in which case the call will not be recorded in the billing history.

Can I reply to the message sender and will I be charged?

Yes, you can call back the message sender directly from your OneSuite SoftPhone. If the message is from a SuiteAdvantage number, the call will be free. For all calls to non-SuiteAdvantage numbers, our VoIP rates will apply. Please visit our Rates Page for details.

Can I change the Auto-Play setting on my OneSuite SoftPhone?

Yes. The default setting is "on," so when you log into your voice mailbox, the system will automatically play new messages, if any. This feature makes it easier for you to listen to new messages without pressing any keys. You may also turn it off.

Can I customize the greetings on my OneSuite SoftPhone? What types of greeting are available?

Yes. You can set up and review your own greetings if you choose not to use our default greetings. There are 4 types of greetings available:

  • Standard Greeting: when SoftPhone is turned off.
  • Extended Absence Greeting: when you’re on an extended vacation or absence and cannot attend to your voicemail messages. If set up, caller will be asked to confirm before recording the message. Enabling this feature may minimize the number of messages left in your voice mailbox.
  • No Answer Greeting: when SoftPhone is turned on and the incoming call is unanswered.
  • Busy Greeting: when "Do Not Disturb" is on or the incoming call is "Ignored."

How do I set up the greeting number on my OneSuite SoftPhone?

You may review or set up 2-digit greeting number by pressing "5" (Review Greeting by Number) at the Greeting Management Menu.

Do I get charged for dialing the *0 menu on the SoftPhone to listen to my voicemails?

No. Calls to *0 are toll-free.