FAQ - Payment

When do you charge my credit card?

Your credit card will be charged at the time of sign up for service and each time you recharge your account.

What if I don't have a credit card?

You may use ATM card with VISA or MC logo.

How does your charges appear on my credit card statement?

For credit card transactions, your charge shows up as OneSuite Corporation.

OneSuite does not accept my credit card. What could be wrong?

OneSuite accepts VISA and MasterCards that are issued in the United States and Canada. It also works on US and Canada bank ATM cards with a MasterCard or VISA logo.

If you’re still experiencing difficulty signing up with your credit card, please double check the credit card information you have filled in. Make sure your card is still valid, and the credit card number is correct.

Please note that if you have recently changed your address, it will take some time for your credit card company and our credit card merchant to update the new address, so you may still see an error message stating that your address and zip code don't match. In that case, please try your previous address or use another credit card.

What do you do with my personal information?

Personal information collected by OneSuite.com is stored in secure operating environments that are not available to the public. OneSuite.com will not share your personal information with any third party.