FAQ - Forwarding

What is OneSuite Forwarding?

OneSuite Forwarding offers you a dedicated phone number with your preferred North American area code, wherever your friends, family or customers are. You can then forward the incoming calls (or faxes) to any number in the U.S./Canada, or worldwide.

So even when you are traveling or working abroad, you will never miss an important call: friends or customers in your local area will still be able to reach you like a neighbor, at cheap local rates.

Where can I forward my calls to?

Calls can be forwarded to any phone number worldwide. You can instantly change your forwarding destination online, at anytime.

What type of phones can I forward my calls to?

You can forward calls to any type of phone: cell/mobile, landline, IP phone or softphone, depending on which type of phone is most convenient for you to pick up at any given time..

Can callers tell that I'm not at the same location as my number?

No. Callers will only know your location if you tell them.