FAQ - Long Distance - From the Internet

What is Internet Broadband Access?

Internet Broadband Access is OneSuite’s newest product, allows you to make direct calls from internet connected devices, such as computer, or ATA, or IP Phone, or VoIP Smartphone App once configured with OneSuite VoIP user name and password. OneSuite's Internet Access compliments our non-internet access options (local or toll-free) to give you global coverage.

What do I need to make PC-to-Phone calls?

You will need an internet softphone.

Currently, the free internet softphone offered by OneSuite can operate on Windows PC and Mac.

Will I be able to use broadband access from my iPhone or Android smartphone?

Yes, you can install OneSuite App on your iPhone or Android phone, then you'll be able to use Wi-Fi to make international calls directly, from anywhere in the world, without dialing any access number or PIN. Be sure to configure the app with your OneSuite VoIP user name and password first, then make calls as if you were dialing from the U.S...

Do I need to pay for a subscription to use OneSuite VoIP iPhone/iPad/Android App?

No. As long as you have an OneSuite account, you can make calls using the app with your account's default Long Distance Service through internet broadband access. Your per minute usage will be deducted from yur account balance.

Is high-speed Internet required for Internet Broadband Access?

Yes. Please consult with your internet service provider to see if your internet service allows VoIP and to check your Internet speed bandwidth. A minimum of 500 Kbs is recommended.

Will I be able to receive phone calls?

No. If you’d like to be able to receive phone calls, please subscribe to SuiteAdvantage.

How do I view my call history?

All outbound call history through Internet Broadband Access will be incorporated into your OneSuite Account usage history report. You may view your call records by clicking on HISTORY along the top menu bar.

Why am I having trouble calling out using Internet Broadband Access?

To determine the issue, please first check the status of your account, listed on your account summary page. If the account has expired or carries zero or negative account balance, you will not be able to make any phone calls through Internet Broadband Access. If your balance is above zero, please refer to Softphone Troubleshoot section.

Also, please be informed that when calling a toll-free number (except for OneSuite's Customer Support toll-free number) from Broadband Access, local US per-minute rates will apply.

Does Internet Broadband Access support 911 or emergency dialing?

Internet Broadband Access does not support calls to any emergency numbers nor emergency services. To make emergency calls, please use a landline telephone or a cellular/mobile phone.

Do I have voicemail access?

No. To receive incoming calls and to access the voicemail feature, please subscribe to SuiteAdvantage.

Do I get charged for downloading the Internet softphone?


What is the rate for the calls I make with Internet Broadband Access?

Your calls are charged on a per-minute basis.

I just signed up my OneSuite account, but VoIP service is not working. Why can't I make a call from the internet or Wi-Fi.

Please allow 24 hours for VoIP service activation upon account sign up. This includes broadband access and SuiteAdvantage, using any devices.