FAQ - Long Distance - Speed Dialing Contacts

How do I set up OneSuite's phonebook feature, RapiDial?
  • Log in to your OneSuite account.
  • Find LONG DISTANCE Service > RAPIDIAL/PHONEBOOK on the left side menu.
  • Enter the name, number and 2 digit code you wish you assign to your contact.
  • Click on the "+" sign.
  • The update will take effect immediately.
How do I use RapiDial to place a call?

*First, register your number as ZipDial to go PINless (learn more about ZipDial)

  • Dial your access number.
  • Follow the voice prompt, and enter the 2-digit RapiDial code for the person you want to call followed by # (e.g. 12#, 38#, etc.).
What is my Favorite 10?

Your Favorite 10 is your top 10 most often-call international contacts, converted as US/Canada local numbers by OneSuite. This way, all you need is one-touch to call them from your OneSuite-registered phone’s contact list. No access numbers, no PINs!

Here's how to set it up in your account:

  1. Make sure you’ve registered your phone with OneSuite Zipdial
  2. Select LONG DISTANCE on the left side menu, click on MY FAVORITE 10
  3. Select a Favorite 10 Local Number, in the same row, fill in your Contact Name, and his/her international Contact Number in this format: 011 + country code + city code + phone number.
  4. Click on Submit

Then, just save the US/Canada local number in your phone’s contact list, so next time all you have to do is choose their name in your phonebook to dial an international call!

Please note that currently Favorite 10 numbers are only available to US/Canada callers. It works best with wireless phones with national coverage.

How are calls to My Favorite 10 being charged?

Calls to My Favorite 10 from your ZipDial-registered phones are charged under the U.S./Canada local access rates of the destination country.

Why do I hear OneSuite prompting for PIN when I dialed My Favorite 10 number?

My Favorite 10 only works for phones registered as OneSuite ZipDial, please check if the call originating phone number is set up as ZipDial. You can do so from the PIN Management page under Long Distance in “My Account”.

Can I use My Favorite 10 from OneSuite Softphone or OneSuite App?

OneSuite Softphone and OneSuite App works with My Favorite 10 only if you are subscribed to OneSuite SuiteAdvantage VoIP, and register this phone number as OneSuite ZipDial.