FAQ - Forwarding - Benefits

Can I use OneSuite Forwarding for my business?

Yes! When used by businesses, OneSuite Forwarding can save you time and money.

If you’re a frequent traveler, independent contractor, or someone who does not have a landline and doesn’t like to give out cell phone numbers, OneSuite Forwarding is what you need. With OneSuite Forwarding service, you can give out your personal number to your family, friends, clients or colleagues so they can fax or call a number that's still local to them to reach you at any time, regardless of what country you might be in today.

If your business is considering a toll-free number to increase customer reach, you can subscribe or transfer a current toll-free number to OneSuite Toll-Free Forwarding to enjoy all the benefits of a Toll-Free service at budget-friendly cost. a fraction of what you’re paying now. In addition, you can extend your business hours and capture more business opportunities by making instant forwarding destination changes online to provide more flexibility and mobility.

Is OneSuite Forwarding suitable for personal use?

Of course. With super affordable subscription fee and low rates OneSuite Forwarding makes sure that you never miss an important call.

If you're based in North America and you're traveling overseas, get a OneSuite U.S./Canada local forwarding number so you can always pick up on calls.

Will I be able to select my OneSuite Forwarding subscription number?

We give you the freedom of choosing U.S./Canada local or toll-free numbers from the available pool. However, if the U.S./Canada area code you need is not available, you may fill out an area code request form and we'll try our best to process your request.

Can I have more than one OneSuite Forwarding subscription number?

You may subscribe up to 10 local, toll-free numbers.

Can I use OneSuite Forwarding to forward my cell phone number to an oversea SIM when traveling?