FAQ - SuiteAdvantage - Features - International Call Block

Why can't I make any international calls?

To determine the issue, please first check the status of your account, listed on your account summary page. If the account has expired, you will not be able to make any calls.

If your account status is 'Active', you should be able to make international calls once you enable the international calls feature (see how) under your SuiteAdvantage account, provided that you have a positive account balance, and dial the correct numbers.

How do I enable/disable International Call Block?

SuiteAdvantage offers an International Call Block feature for all of our accounts, which allows you to block and unblock international calling when calling through your SoftPhone.

To enable/disable International Calling:

  • Log onto your web account
  • Go to SuiteAdvanatge on the left side menu, select International Calling
  • Choose the number you wish to configure for International Call Block, and click "Save."

What is the default setting for International Calling?

International Calling is enabled by default.

Who can enable/disable the feature?

Only the user with the web account username and password.

What is the purpose of this feature?

It is a safeguard. This feature prevents unintended calls when a user accidentally hits wrong digits or places unauthorized international calls from your SoftPhone.