FAQ - Long Distance - From a Payphone

Can I use OneSuite from a payphone?

Yes. However, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) allows a surcharge to compensate for operator services. In certain instances, a 55ยข fee may be assessed and billed to your account when you use OneSuite from a pay phone. Click here to read more about payphone charges.

What is the $0.55 surcharge on my call detail usage history report?

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) allows companies that operate pay phones to attach a surcharge for their services. Such "operator services" are typically accessed from the following:

  1. Public pay phones
  2. Hotel phones
  3. College dormitory phones
  4. Commercial phone line systems

The surcharge will appear after any applicable calls in your call detail usage history report. Unfortunately there is no way to determine whether this charge will be assessed until your call is placed and the charge appears on your statement. Generally, all public pay phones will assess this surcharge, while not all of the other locations will. Click here to read more about payphone charges.