FAQ - Long Distance - OneSuite Access Numbers

What are access numbers?

Access numbers are the numbers you dial to place a cheap international call through OneSuite.

What types of access numbers are available?

Depending on where you are or what device you are calling from, you can use OneSuite's through these different access methods:

  1. Local access numbers: your cheapest way to call
  2. Toll-free access numbers: can't find a local access number? Use our toll-free option
  3. Internet broadband access: call from anywhere in the world with internet. No PIN or access numbers needed!

Find out more about OneSuite's access methods.

Can I skip entering access numbers?

Yes. There are different ways to skip entering access numbers:

  1. You can either save your access number as speed dial on your phone
  2. Save your contact as your Favorite 10 . Calls to Favorite 10 will be charged under local access rates.
  3. Use OneSuite VoIP broadband access or SuiteAdvantage from our OneSuite App on your smartphone, or our softphone to skip this step