FAQ - Fax - Billing & Payment

How am I billed for OneSuite Fax Basic?

There is a nominal fee of $1 per month, billed through your OneSuite account.

How am I billed for OneSuite Fax Plus?

The nominal fees and outbound fax charges will be directly deducted from your OneSuite Account. For outbound fax, each transmission is recorded in My History with the number of minutes it took to successfully send each page. For example, if you broadcast a 2-page fax to 5 groups comprising 5 recipients each, your fax history will show 25 transmission records, with each entry billed according to how many minutes it took to send the 2 pages.

How much am I billed for OneSuite Fax Plus subscription and a secondary OneSuite Fax Plus number?

Subscription to OneSuite Fax Plus entitles you to a primary number. A nominal fee of $2.95 will be billed on your OneSuite a ccount per month. Should you decide to subscribe to a secondary OneSuite Fax Plus number, a nominal fee of $1.95 will be billed separately on your OneSuite account per month.

Is there any set-up fees?

No set-up fee is required.

How much does it cost to receive a fax?

OneSuite Fax subscribers, whether Basic or Plus, can enjoy unlimited inbound fax with no additional charge.

How much does it cost to send a fax?

Each outbound fax page is billed by its transmission duration, in 1-minute increments. It is generally assumed 1 page = 1 minute; duration may be affected by the baud rate of the receiving fax machine, line quality, or graphic intensity of the document. Please click here to check our fax rates.

Will I be billed for failed faxes?

Yes and No. OneSuite Fax charges the same way as if you were faxing through a physical fax machine. If the transmission did not go through or the receiving fax machine was not reachable, then you will not be charged. However, if fax transmission was successful, and partial pages were successfully delivered, then you will be charged for the duration used for the successful pages. In other words, if the total number of pages did not completely go through, the system will only charge for the number of pages that were successfully sent.

Can I view my outbound fax charges?

Yes. Please go to My History to view your outbound fax charges (both failed and successfully sent faxes) in the past 90 days.

Will there be any taxes, fees or surcharges deducted from my account balance?

No. There are absolutely no extra charges or hidden fees. The price and rates listed on our website is all that you pay.