FAQ - Fax - Receiving Faxes

How do I know when I've received a new fax?

Your faxes are sent to your designated fax-to-email addresses. Simply check your e-mail to see any new faxes from OneSuite Fax. The subject line of your email will be "Fax Received From (Fax Number) – No. of Pages Received: #."

How many faxes can I receive at a time?

OneSuite Fax allows for unlimited inbound faxes at no additional charge. However, your e-mail account may have a maximum file size and a maximum storage capacity for incoming mail. These maximums, which vary from provider to provider, determine how many messages you can receive and how many you can store in your inbox.

What is the largest fax size I can receive?

OneSuite Fax has no size limit for inbound fax. However, your e-mail account provider may have a smaller maximum file-size, in which case such limit will determine the largest fax size you can receive.

Can I register more than one fax-to-email addresses for incoming fax?

OneSuite Fax Basic allows for only one fax-to-email address. You may update the email address at any time on My OneSuite Fax page under My Account.

If you are a OneSuite Fax Plus user, you may register up to 5 fax-to-email addresses with each fax number. Update your email information on My OneSuite Fax Features page.

How do I open my faxes?

Opening faxes through your email:

  • Log into your email account.
  • Open the email message from OneSuite Fax.
  • Double-click on the attachment.

If you are using a web client, such as Gmail, Yahoo! or Outlook, please refer to your email provider’s online help section for more details on how to open attachments.

Can I still receive inbound faxes when my account has expired?

As long as you have a valid account with positive balance, and your monthly subscription has been deducted for the upcoming 30-day pay-period, you will still be able to receive faxes even if your account is displayed as 'expired' before the next billing cycle.