FAQ - Fax - Troubleshoot - Receiving

Can I change my incoming fax file format?

No. Your faxes arrive as .pdf attachments in the e-mail. You will need to download "Adobe Reader" to view the attachment.

Why are my received faxes difficult to read?

The fax message you receive is identical to what was sent by the sender. If the quality of your fax is poor, the problem is likely on the sender's end. Please have the sender resend the fax using a higher resolution setting on their fax machine, such as Photo Mode.

Someone sent me a fax. Why haven't I received it?

There are a few reasons you may not be receiving your fax messages:

  • Your email provider is experiencing problems: Occasionally, your email provider can experience problems sending certain files through to your email. Because your faxes are sent to your email as attachments, this may cause a problem with delivery.
  • The sender has the wrong fax number: Occasionally a sender makes the mistake of sending to the wrong fax number. If you have not received a fax you were expecting, please have the sender check the number and try again.
  • Your OneSuite account balance is insufficient: You cannot receive fax if your balance is zero or negative.
  • Your OneSuite account is expired: If your account has expired, you will also not be able to receive fax. Please recharge your account immediately.
Why is my OneSuite Fax number busy or not answering?

If someone is unable to send faxes to your OneSuite Fax number, please make sure that the sender is dialing the correct number and they are prefacing the number with the required dialing codes.

If your OneSuite Fax number is working but a particular caller cannot reach you, it is possible that the caller has a problem with their local or long-distance phone carrier.

If all else fails, dial the number yourself. If you can connect to the number, anyone should be able to connect and send you fax. If your number is unreachable from all areas, we may be experiencing a temporary problem. It is likely that our Operations team has already been made aware of the issue and you can expect it to be resolved shortly. However, if you are experiencing a prolonged outage, please call our customer support team at 1.866.417.8483 or email us.