FAQ - Fax - Sending Internet Faxes

How do I start sending Internet faxes?

First, make sure you have an active OneSuite account with a sufficient balance and you are subscribed to OneSuite Fax Plus.

Then with all you need is Internet Access and a browser on any computer, PC or Mac, or any smart phone, iPhone or Android. Login to your onesuite account and your are good to go!

Get started with OneSuite WebFax. A complete Help Guide is available at the upper right corner of the OneSuite WebFax. 

Do I need special programs to send faxes?

OneSuite offers web-based WebFax, you do not need to download any programs. Just log in to your OneSuite account to start sending faxes via the internet.

What is OneSuite WebFax?

It’s our browser-based, Mac and Windows friendly, Internet fax sending solution, so you can send faxes from anywhere in the world, as long as your have Internet connectivity, and access your contact list on the go, even when you are away from your own personal computer.

Start sending web faxes by logging into your OneSuite account, on the left menu, go to OS Fax, and click on option "Send Web Fax."

How do I know if I have sent a fax successfully?

When you send a fax, you will receive a delivery confirmation email from "OneSuite Fax" in your registered email. A copy of the fax message will be attached as a .pdf file to the email notification.

Can I change the delivery confirmation email address?

Yes. By default, delivery confirmation of successful and failed faxes is sent to your OneSuite registered email address. However, you may change the forwarding email address on My OneSuite Fax Plus page under My Account.

Can I turn off delivery confirmation feature?

Yes. You may turn off the feature anytime. Please go to My OneSuite Fax Features page under My Account.

What is the largest fax size for outbound fax?

OneSuite Fax allows for 100 pages at a time. However, transmission may be canceled if submission is not completed within 180 minutes.

Why is the transmission canceled?

The transmission will be canceled if the file submission is not completed within 180 minutes.

How do I enter an international fax number?

Enter the number just like making an international call from U.S. or Canada. 011 + country code + area code + phone number.

Do you re-send failed faxes automatically?

Yes. With OneSuite Fax Plus, failed faxes are automatically resent with 3 attempts, with every attempt taking place every 5 minutes. Note that only the failed fax pages will be resent. For example, in a case where a transmission of a 20-page fax fails on the 15th page, OneSuite Fax Plus automatically resends the 15th and the following pages.

What file types are supported by OneSuite WebFax outbound fax?

.pdf is the only attachment file type supported by OneSuite WebFax (reminder: please make sure your document is formatted within margin to ensure the recipient’s fax machine will print properly):

How am I billed for sending OneSuite faxes?

Each Internet fax page is billed by its transmission duration, in 1-minute increments. It is generally assumed 1 page = 1 minute; duration may be affected by the baud rate of the receiving fax machine, line quality, or graphic intensity of the document.

Do I need to set up anything before using OneSuite WebFax?

No, you do not need to set anything up. Once you have subscribed to OneSuite Fax Plus, just log into your OneSuite account, find "OS Fax" on the left menu link, and click "Send Web Fax."

You can then start sending faxes.

What is the OneSuite WebFax Contact List?

Your OneSuite WebFax Contact List stores contact information about recipients to whom you are sending faxes. This information can include a contact’s name, fax number, address, company and business address, etc.

In OneSuite WebFax, you can access your Contact List by clicking on "Contacts," on the left hand column.

How do I create my OneSuite WebFax Contacts?

To learn more about using the OneSuite WebFax Contacts, log in to OneSuite WebFax and refer to the Help Guide at the upper right corner. Choose Contacts.

Can I import external data source or existing address book from an email client into OneSuite WebFax Contact List?

Yes. You can import your address book from Outlook, Outlook Express or Lotus Notes 8.5 after you have saved it as a .csv file. For exporting instructions, please refer to your email client.

Before uploading the contact list, please make sure the format is acceptable by OneSuite Webfax. You may download a sample file by clicking the Upload Contact icon and then the "Download Sample File" button. Step-by-step instructions are available in the WebFax Help menu, under "Contacts."

Can I send a fax to multiple recipients or fax broadcasting?

Yes. This feature is called “broadcast fax.” With OneSuite Fax Plus, you may simultaneously send a fax to multiple recipients.

For OneSuite WebFax users, please refer to the OneSuite WebFax help section "Creating and Sending a Fax" then choose "Adding One or More Recipients to a Fax."

What is broadcast fax?

Broadcast fax is the OneSuite WebFax feature that allows users to send a fax to multiple recipients at the same time

How do I send a broadcast fax?

To send a broadcast fax, you must create and save the contacts you wish to send the fax to, then add the recipients to the fax. Setting up contact groups is the easiest and fastest way to send bulk fax. You can create a group, select contacts to add into the group, then select the group as recipient for the fax you are composing. It's really simple and self-explanatory.

For step-by-step instructions, please refer to the Help guide in OneSuite WebFax, under "Contacts"